Stay Lifted is a design firm and venture studio based in sunny Culver City, California.  


 isn't just our tagline, it's our mantra and lifestyle. The Stay Lifted team is passionate about creative expression, empowering women, and celebrating diversity. These core values along with a commitment to exceptional design & quality, consideration for the sustainability of our planet and prioritizing acts of service are consistent across all Stay Lifted brands. 


 isn't just our tagline, it's our mantra and lifestyle. The Stay Lifted team is passionate about creative expression, empowering women, and celebrating diversity. These core values along with a commitment to exceptional design & quality, consideration for the sustainability of our planet and prioritizing acts of service are consistent across all Stay Lifted brands. 

"Stay Lifted has partnered with leading brands, organizations and artists to yield successful products, campaigns and events. 

who we are

Stay Lifted Studio is a boutique graphic design and branding agency based in Culver City, California. We live and breathe creative design and brand storytelling is a part of our DNA.  We specialize in taking a person's or company's ideas, vision and/or story and shaping them into a visual presence that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also specifically designed to meet their desired outcomes. Our services include Branding, Website & Digital, Content Creation and Printed Designs.

What we believe.

 + Brand authenticity is key!

 + We want to do good work with/for good people.

 + We strive for premium quality over quantity.

 + Social media has its own lane.

As the design arm of Stay Lifted LLC, we’ve spent the better part of two decades crafting exceptional brands, products & websites. Over the years we’ve come to understand that success relies on a collaborative approach, continuous research & growth, innovation, and the relationships we build with our clients, vendors and partners.

If you are looking for the personal attention and details of a small team but also want the experience and deliverables of a big agency, then look no further...let’s talk!  Our Studio will handle your design, branding and digital projects with love, excitement, and integrity every step of the way.


how we work

Listen. Plan. Execute.

Every project begins with a detailed discovery process to learn about your company, your needs, your goals, your journey and your challenges so that we can create and execute a tailored plan of action that won't just get the job done but will also effectively represent your brand and leave you saying "WOW".

Your project is personal.

Every design project includes the expertise of our award-winning Creative Director, CW. Unlike big agencies, you won’t get passed off to a Jr. designer or interim, temporary, something or other while paying big agency rates. CW personally handles all branding projects along with our mini but mighty team to ensure the deliverables aren’t just beautiful and creative but they actually do the work to get the desired outcomes. 

Ways to work with us.

We do contract design and branding work primarily for small to midsize businesses on a per project basis. We also offer retainer packages for web that can include ecommerce solutions and for content creation where we become your company's personal design team that is constantly working on growing and nurturing your brand using original and creative content.




+ Brand Audit

Competitive Analysis

+ Logo Design

+ Brand Naming

+ Brand Positioning

+ Voice & Tone Development

+ Brand Style Guides

+ Branded Stationery

+ Visual Content Strategy

+ Supporting Assets

+ Packaging Design & Printing



+ Website Design & Development

+ Website Content

+ Photography & Art Direction

+ Copy Writing

+ Digital Assets


+ Ecommerce Solutions

+ Google & Social Integrations

+ Google Shopping



+ Website Content & Development

+ Photography & Art Direction

+ Brand Collateral

+ Product & Copy Updates

+ Google & Social Integrations

+ Digital Marketing

+ Analytics / Reporting

+ Blog Writing

+ Point of Sale Visuals

+ Event Materials & Signage​

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We make + sell stuff.
With roots in business development and ecommerce, our design and branding expertise includes product development, distribution and retail.


Stay Lifted began way before it's official launch in 2011. When our Founder (then stay-at-home mom) was planning her son's baby shower and had exhausted every local store without finding any baby announcements that reflected her style and voice, she designed and created her own which led to designing and creating more things for more people. From there, Stay Lifted evolved and became a notable designer and supplier of stationery products through our retail, licensing and private label partners such as Papyrus, Fine Stationery and other premium brands. Our roots in illustration, graphic design, and paper & packaging are the inspiration (and experience) fueling our current ventures, Beyoutifully Black and Fashion Meets Paper.  For wholesale and collaboration information, 

Stay Lifted


LIFTing up communities
through our products + services

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“How can you win? How can you win? How can you win?

You can't win...the game is fixed.”



brand strategy

A brand isn’t just a logo, color palette or font choices...your brand represents how your company thinks, talks, and acts. Think of the logo as the face or identifier of the business and the brand as the communicator which sets the tone for everything. We specialize in taking a company’s authentic story and shaping it into a visual presence. We start by finding out as much as we can about the company and their vision for the brand. Then we partner that vision with the wants and needs of their target market and map out a plan based on those two sets of findings. 


Having a strong brand will not only provide consistent, cohesive messaging, but it will also up your perceived value...both of which build trust. And people engage and buy from brands they trust. Let our design firm translate your ideas into a visual language and tone that resonates with your customers and audiences.

website + digital

A website is your digital identity and with more than 90% of consumers visiting a business website before calling or visiting in person, that initial website visit will determine how your company or brand is perceived and what action the viewer takes next. Sound daunting? It can be...but don’t worry, we can develop a digital identity that correlates with your business and/or brand message while still being aesthetically on-point.


We've been designing and building websites since 2000 which is a lifetime in the digital era! Whether you need a slick landing page, a mobile friendly multi-page site, a website refresh/redesign, or branded assets that are interchangeable for social, email marketing and sales campaigns, we’ve got you covered.  We also offer advanced ecommerce solutions, SEO and Google & Social Integrations so you can sell while you sleep.

brand partner

If you have a website or digital presence, the work doesn't stop once your website goes live and your brand strategy is executed. Solid design is not just about making things look pretty, it’s about using the right aesthetic with the right message and the right tools delivered effectively to the right people. In fact, the only way to stand out in a noisy visual world is to have designs that are strategic, memorable and effective. And no matter what industry you're in, creating branded, engaging, new content is ongoing and always necessary. 


Our team includes Ecommerce Managers, Google & Facebook specialists for SEO, target marketing and analytics as well as AMAZING graphic & digital designers including our talented Creative Director who is also an illustrator that can pretty much draw/create anything you can think of...(shhh she's our secret weapon!).  We can help with specific projects, campaigns and events or you can opt for a monthly-rate program where we provide content and services continually using a strategic plan


fostering connections, celebrating diversity and LIFTING communities through our products, services & initiatives...that's the mission.




16  /  06  /  2023

2023 Architects appointed to create 4 new affordable housing complexes


16  /  06  /  2023

We are proud to announce that 2023 Architects have been shortlisted for the Residential Architect Awards


16  /  06  /  2023

Insider: Plans to production - the full architecture process



16  /  06  /  2023