fostering connections, celebrating diversity and LIFTING communities through our products, services & initiatives...that's the mission.


create + collab

LIVE. EXPRESS. UPLIFT. isn't just our tagline, it's our mantra and lifestyle. The Stay Lifted team is passionate about creative expression, empowering women, and celebrating diversity. These core values along with a commitment to exceptional quality, consideration for the sustainability of our planet and prioritizing acts of service are consistent across all Stay Lifted brands.

We represent the notion that each moment is a memory rich in detail and character and that life is too abundant to compromise the delightful ride with digital nods, generic messaging or predictable imagery. Our goal is to provide fashionable yet timeless products that exemplify these philosophies, create smiles and give just the right LIFT to any mood, event, space or occasion. Having said that, we LOVE to create. With roots in illustration, fashion and business + marketing, Stay Lifted has been fortunate in partnering with like-minded brands, organizations and artists to yield successful products, campaigns and events. For info on collaborations & product development, sponsorships, wholesale programs, custom artwork, digital design and other partnerships, please contact our project coordinator, Tiffany Gray at tiffany@staylifted.com.


“How can you win? How can you win? How can you win?

You can't win...the game is fixed.”



BLM.We are a lifestyle company based in Southern California. Our team represents various backgrounds and ethnicities. I believe that what we do and make fosters connection and brings joy to people and I consider that to be a noble endeavor. In addition to creating products that feature people of color and working diligently to make them widely available, as a Black Woman entrepreneur, it is impossible for me to lead Stay Lifted without acknowledging that we are a part of communities that are underserved and without taking steps to support causes and organizations that can impact change for good. 

We are experiencing a shift in this country. As we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, our communities are continually impacted by senseless violence and systemic racism...all of which are connected to equality in education, career opportunities, economic resources, healthcare, mental and physical wellness, wealth gaps, esteem, fair representation, accessibility to voting and so much more. We are heartbroken, angry, frustrated, exhausted, marching, voting, fighting, protesting, volunteering and in mourning. The seemingly never-ending racial injustices that include the recent shooting deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks (and too many others) have made it clear that we must intentionally and actively work toward the end of racial injustice, not just personally but also as a business...and as the company leader, I will do my best to guide us in this endeavor.

changing the game...

ppe project

The Stay Lifted leadership team has joined forces with other like-minded individuals to create a task force with the goal of providing free masks to essential workers and procuring high quality personal protective equipment at a reasonable cost to schools, hospitals, nursing care providers, healthcare workers, organizations, and governments. Learn more below.

activism + volunteerism

Efforts to LIFT others is a part of our company DNA. Volunteering our time and resources within our communities and to impact change is woven into our operational workflow and schedules in a variety of ways from Voter Phone Banking Wednesdays to Mask Making Mondays. Sitting on the sidelines is not an option. 


We feel extremely fortunate to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in May 2021 but like so many small businesses, we have been heavily impacted by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are truly grateful for your continued support.

PPE Project Delivery


PPE Project



Motivated by the desire to help where we can, the Stay Lifted team has joined forces with other passionate innovators, business leaders and investors to form the PPE Project.  With over 20 years of combined experience in importing and exporting, logistics, business development and community advocacy, our taskforce has created a seamless network for sourcing and procuring high-quality personal protective equipment.

what we do.

We help others. In an effort to make our communities safer and healthier during this time of uncertainty and great need, the PPE Project provides certified KN95 Masks, Gloves, Level 1 & Level 2 Gowns, 3-Ply Masks and Face Shields in large quantities from 50K to 100M+ units at a reasonable cost to schools, hospitals, nursing care providers, healthcare workers, organizations, and governments. Additionally, a portion of the profits from Stay Lifted and our brands are used to create and donate reusable masks for those who need them (link to sign-up form is below).

our mission.

To LIFT communities. In line with our core values and company mission, the goal of the PPE Project is to ensure that those who care for us are cared for and that quality personal protective equipment is readily available to anyone who needs it without bureaucracy or politics. The Stay Lifted team is incredibly passionate about this project and dedicated to the services it provides.  If your organization needs assistance or for more information, please contact us.



Stay Lifted

Stay Lifted has been producing reusable masks for hospitals, health clinics, first responders, long-term care facilities, teachers and PPE donation organizations. If you're in one of these categories and need fabric masks, please provide your contact information and we'll contact you as masks become available for donation.  JOIN LIST ▸