Welcome to our new website! We're excited to use this space to celebrate each other and to offer fashionable and fun products that feature our unique styles, beauty and complexities, love of culture and absolute dependency on sisterhood. A creative studio based in L.A., we offer printed designs featuring original artwork in multiple forms and all sizes...from a greeting card to a mega print with most creations featuring hand embellished paint, jewels and sparkling glitter. 


The Artist and Founder behind our collections is fashion illustrator and girl boss, Charissa Ware. The self-taught artist/mom/volunteer/business woman is a multi-hyphenate and passionate creative who uses various mediums to create her artwork with her favorites being colored pencils and markers. Charissa's intention is to provide designs that embrace self love, authenticity, humor and connectedness while contributing to the efforts of making products that celebrate African American women and women of color prominently displayed and widely available. Read her story >  



Beyoutifully Black is a lifestyle brand consisting of an AWESOME team of women from various backgrounds with roots in illustration, marketing and fashion. The name represents a love of self and a love of culture. Inspired by our brand values (Empower Women, Inspire Creativity & Celebrate Diversity), we represent the notion that each moment is a memory rich in detail and character and that life is too abundant to compromise the delightful ride with digital nods, generic messaging or predictable imagery. Our goal is to provide fashionable and fun products that exemplify these values while celebrating sisterhood, life and it's many milestones.  

Pre-Covid 19, Charissa's designs were sold exclusively wholesale and only available through retail, licensing and private label partnerships. However, as we all know, the effects of the pandemic were swift and strong on retailers across the board. As one of the few Black Women Owned design-houses and manufacturers in the stationery & gift industry, Charissa was determined to not only survive the Covid-19 storm but to thrive by creating new ways to offer her company's product lines and design expertise beginning with her very own direct-to-consumer brands...the launch of her signature collection, Beyoutifully Black by Charissa Ware is the first of these endeavors.


How many conversations have you started with "girrrrrrrrl" or ended with "you go girl!"? How many times have you asked "what would I do without my girls?" or desperately needed a girls night out! How many birthdays, holidays, new careers, new loves, new babies, new moves, new break-ups, new diets, new attitudes, new ventures, occasions, milestones, and life changes have you celebrated?  Well for all those times and every moment in between (along with treats for yourself), we've got you covered! Our unique collection of Greeting Cards, Stationery, Accessories, Home Decor and Gifts feature various hues, sizes, styles and timeless themes to reflect our beauty and our voices. AND our products are eco-friendly and made in the US primarily using local California vendors and other small businesses. AND we donate to organizations and initiatives that support women in need and Black empowerment...now how's that for guilt-free shopping and multitasking?!?


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spring edit + inspo

Spring is in the air and the vibes from our creative studio are all about ushering in new energy with the new season! We're setting intentions, getting organized, channeling our inner Boss and shifting the multiple hats we wear to make plans for a better 2021. This month's shoppable MOOD BOARD reflects some of our inspirations, tools, and pick-me-ups as we start the year fresh...


“How can you win? How can you win? How can you win?

You can't win...the game is fixed.”



BLM.We are a lifestyle company based in Southern California. Our team represents various backgrounds and ethnicities. I believe that what we do and make fosters connection and brings joy to people and I consider that to be a noble endeavor. In addition to creating products that feature people of color and working diligently to make them widely available, as a Black Woman entrepreneur it is impossible for me to lead without acknowledging that we are a part of communities that are underserved and without taking steps to support causes and organizations that can impact change for good. 

We are experiencing a shift in this country and around the world. As we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, our communities are continually impacted by senseless violence and systemic racism...all of which are connected to equality in education, career opportunities, economic resources, healthcare, mental and physical wellness, wealth gaps, esteem, fair representation, accessibility to voting and so much more. We are heartbroken, angry, frustrated, exhausted, marching, voting, fighting, protesting, volunteering and in mourning. The seemingly never-ending racial injustices that include the recent shooting deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks (and too many others) have made it clear that we must intentionally and actively work toward the end of racial injustice, not just personally but also as a business. Consequently, Beyoutifully Black is committed to "getting in the arena". As our brand evolves, we look forward to engaging with our communities, promoting creativity, celebrating each other, and impacting social change particularly in the areas of economic equity, women empowerment and systemic racism...and as the company leader, I will do my best to guide us in this endeavor. Rock with us and stay tuned!

xo charissa ware