live. express. upLIFT.


stay lifted
/sta lifted/

 (literally)  to sustain height; raised to a higher position; upward movement; elevated; uplifted; carry from a lower condition; to remain up; boosted; upraised; upward mobility

 (figuratively)  have a great day; keep your head up; remain positive; enjoy life; don't sweat the small stuff; be bright; laugh often; enjoy the ride; love deeply; forgive; peace & blessings!

Stay Lifted Butterfly

about us

Affectionately dubbed as the "mini major company you know well but never heard of", Stay Lifted is a premier manufacturer of multicultural stationery, art and gift products. Based in southern California, we've collaborated with leading brands in the stationery & gift industry and have received numerous nods for our work from colleagues and press, some of which are listed below. Our current product offerings include Greeting Cards, Notecards, Art Prints, Invitations, Calendars, Wine+Gift Tags, Candles, Accessory Bags, Drinkware, Totes, Gift Sets and newly added Face Masks and Apparel.  All products are eco-friendly and made in the US with respect for environmental sustainability.  


Pre-Covid 19, Stay Lifted products were sold exclusively wholesale and only available through our retail, licensing and private label partners.  However, now (for the first time ever!) you're able to order products directly from our wonderfully distinct NEW collections through their branded websites. You can also purchase select items at Papyrus.

Stay Lifted Butterfly
Stay Lifted Butterfly

the butterfly...

Stay Lifted Butterfly

 "Even before I had a clear plan for this company, I knew the butterfly would be connected to it.  Representing transformation, life and beauty, our butterfly logo embodies the continuous evolution of Stay Lifted as we strive to grow, learn and foster connection in a way that is beautifully authentic and upLIFTing..." 

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