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stay lifted
/sta lifted/

(literally) to sustain height; raised to a higher position; upward movement; elevated; uplifted; carry from a lower condition; to remain up; boosted; upraised; upward mobility

(figuratively) have a great day; keep your head up; remain positive; enjoy life; don't sweat the small stuff; be bright; laugh often; enjoy the ride; love deeply; forgive; peace & blessings!

our brands

Pre-Covid 19, Stay Lifted products and designs were sold exclusively wholesale and only available through our retail, licensing and private label partners.  Unfortunately, many of those businesses, large and small, have either changed their purchasing models or closed their doors temporarily or forever requiring us to pause our own operations and rethink our business strategies as well. 


As one of the few Black Women Illustrators and even fewer Black Women Owned manufacturers in the stationery & gift industry, Founder Charissa Ware has been determined to weather the covid-19 storm by creating new ways to offer our product lines and design expertise beginning with the launch of our very own direct-to-consumer brands.  Now (for the first time ever!) you'll be able to order products directly from our wonderfully distinct NEW collections through their branded websites beginning October 1st, 2020. In the meantime, your can purchase select items at Products 4 Us and Papyrus and subscribe to our mail list below for news & exclusive presale events.

Brand Building
PPE Project Delivery


PPE Project



Motivated by the desire to help where we can, the Stay Lifted team has joined forces with other passionate innovators, business leaders and investors to form the PPE Project.  With over 20 years of combined experience in importing and exporting, logistics, business development and community advocacy, our taskforce has created a seamless network for sourcing and procuring high-quality personal protective equipment.

what we do.

We help others. In an effort to make our communities safer and healthier during this time of uncertainty and great need, the PPE Project provides certified KN95 Masks, Gloves, Level 1 & Level 2 Gowns, 3-Ply Masks and Face Shields in large quantities from 50K to 10M+ units at a reasonable cost to schools, hospitals, nursing care providers, healthcare workers, organizations, and governments. Additionally, a portion of the profits from Stay Lifted and our brands are used to create and donate reusable masks for those who need them (sign-up form is below).

our mission.

To LIFT communities. In line with our core values and company mission, the goal of the PPE Project is to ensure that those who care for us are cared for and that quality personal protective equipment is readily available to anyone who needs it without bureaucracy or politics. The Stay Lifted team is incredibly passionate about this project and dedicated to the services it provides.



Stay Lifted has been producing reusable masks for hospitals, health clinics, first responders, long-term care facilities, teachers and PPE donation organizations. If you're in one of these categories and need fabric masks, please provide your contact information and we'll contact you as masks become available for donation.         








how to support us

The unforeseen impacts of Covid-19 on our team have been dramatic and like so many small businesses and entrepreneurs, the odds of us surviving this uncertain time are greatly increased with the assistance of outside funding and contributions so we're asking for your support. Please join, like, follow and share our brands and community initiative, the PPE Project, with your friends, family, followers and associates. And if you can volunteer, donate, invest, sponsor and/or contribute in any way, click on the links below to learn how. THANK YOU so much! Be well and stay LIFTED.




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